The PlayStation 4 is in stock and the best price for a PS4 is $299.00. Follow our live PS4 Inventory Tracker to order your PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Consoles and Bundles Price Availability Last In Stock Store
PlayStation 4 PS4 Refurbished $299.00 In Stock 2016-05-05 Best Buy
PlayStation 4 PS4 Refurbished $299.99 In Stock 2016-05-05 GameStop
PlayStation 4 PS4 Call of Duty Bundle $349.00 In Stock 2016-05-05 Best Buy
PlayStation 4 PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops Bundle $349.99 In Stock 2016-05-05 GameStop
PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny Limited Edition Bundle $419.99 In Stock 2016-05-05 Amazon
PlayStation 4 PS4 Star Wars Limited Edition $489.00 In Stock 2016-05-05 Amazon
PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny Bundle Limited 2016-04-27 Amazon
PlayStation 4 PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops Limited Edition Bundle Limited GameStop
PlayStation 4 PS4 Uncharted Bundle Digital Download $349.00 Limited 2016-04-30

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You can save 20% on all new PlayStation 4 games by joining a membership with Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop.  Amazon just announced today that Prime members will receive a 20% discount on all pre-released games as well as games released within the first two weeks.  Amazon now matches discounts offered by Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked program and GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards membership.  So if you’re planning on buying a lot of new games, signing up for a membership program and sticking with a store can save you a lot of money.  For more games of course.

While you’re at it, check out some PS4 game deals from Amazon:

PS4 is the next generation console champion

Since the PlayStation 4 launch in November 2013, Sony has sold an incredible 36 million PS4s.  This blows away the Xbox One and Wii U for rights for the champion of the next generation console systems.

Remarkably, almost 6 million consoles were sold during the holiday shopping season.  What this means for gamers is that developers will target the PS4 for new releases and exclusive games since there are more players with the PlayStation 4.  Additionally, there’s a higher likelihood that innovative features from Sony will stick with gamers and developers, such as PlayStation VR, game streaming, and PlayStation Plus.

Although Sony has nixed backwards-compatibility with old PS2 discs, they have been slowly bringing emulation of legacy games to the PS4 through the Sony marketplace.  The good news is that you’ll be able to play many of your favorite games on the PlayStation 4.  The bad news is that emulated games aren’t free and Sony will want you to buy them again.  Perhaps there will be a way to play old PS2 games sometime in the future.

Several news outlets have reported that this season, fake PS4s have been found in brand new console boxes.  Whether this is due to theft along the manufacturing route or bad customer returns, it’s not a good surprise to discover.  Thankfully, if you buy from a reputable store, it should limit the risk of bad merchandise and also allow you to do an exchange in case there is a problem.

A local CBS station in Boston first reported the news: Mass. Boy Unwraps PlayStation 4 On Christmas, Finds Wooden Fake Inside.


If Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted this year, there are over 10 PS4 game bundles available for purchase from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, and Toys R Us.  It looks like stores aren’t selling the console by itself unless you get it used (lowest price currently $299.99).  Instead you’ll need to buy it in a bundle, which typically includes a game and extra controller, along with the PlayStation 4 console.

It’s a year after the North American PlayStation 4 release, it has been clear that the PS4 is the winner of the next generation console war. Since its launch, Sony has shipped over 13 million consoles and Microsoft has shipped only half of that amount. Some of Microsoft’s earlier mistakes were forcing a bundled camera on users who did not want them in addition to not having the right mix of games ready for buyers. We expect that this holiday season will only continue to widen the divide.

Starting this Saturday, all PlayStation Plus users will be able to play without added costs during Sony’s “Open Weekend”. This will allow for free gaming, bonuses, and a lot more content.