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PlayStation 4 Consoles and Bundles Price Availability Last In Stock Store
PlayStation 4 Standard Edition $399.00 In Stock 2014-10-21 BestBuy
PlayStation 4 PS4 System $399.99 In Stock 2014-10-21 GameStop
PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny Bundle $449.00 In Stock 2014-10-21 Amazon
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle - Limited 2014-05-01 Amazon
PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle - Limited 2014-05-01 Amazon
PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle - Limited 2014-05-21 Amazon
PlayStation 4 PS4 Call of Duty Bundle - Limited 2014-03-20 GameStop

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Starting this Saturday, all PlayStation Plus users will be able to play without added costs during Sony’s “Open Weekend”. This will allow for free gaming, bonuses, and a lot more content.

Today, Sony released an update to the PlayStation 4 console, firmware version 1.70.  It’ll start downloading and installing once you start up your console.  This update will bring more functionality to the system, especially in saving videos to USB devices.  Additionally you’ll be able to customize the light bar brightness, which is a highly asked for feature.  Sony will begin offering backwards compatibility of PS3 games through the PlayStation Now network service later this month in beta.

During Sony’s E3 press conference, they announced that GTA V will be on sale this fall on the PlayStation 4.  The release for the next-generation console will have a large number of enhancements and if you have the game on an older console, you’ll be able to import your saved game.  Rock on Rockstar Games!

The wait has been a while but Ubisoft’s new game, Watch Dogs, has finally arrived.  It’s a massively open action/adventure game, set in Chicago.  The game has received high reviews, including 82/100 by Metacritic.

The developers of Minecraft announced that they’ll release the hit game on the PS4 in August with a planned price of $19.99.  Saved worlds from prior consoles can be imported up to the PS4.

If you’re a happy PS4 owner, things may become even better since Sony has started inviting users into their PlayStation 4 Now beta program.  The PlayStation 4 Now program is a new service that streams games, shows, and more from Sony’s online store to your console.  If you didn’t receive an invitation, you can read more about it from Sony’s community site.

The results of this month’s PlayStation Store sales are in!  What’s surprising most are the successes of more unique games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  The online PS4 Store is definitely helping smaller developers get featured.

1) Trials Fusion
2) Octodad: Dadliest Catch
3) Child of Light
4) inFAMOUS Second Son Limited Edition
5) FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
6) Trials Fusion Digital Deluxe Edition
7) Daylight
8) Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut
10) Outlast